Facilities Guide

Herbal experience programs are subdivided in fragrance therapy,
color therapy, food therapy, skin therapy
and sleep therapy

It is a place to experience as a career experience institute for elementary, middle,
and high school students, and as healing academy, study tour, civil service training

Fragrance Therapy
Herb sachet
crafting experience
Experience crafting herb sachets with herbs
that removes odor with its scent
Gypsum air freshener
crafting experience
Experience composing natural scents which are good
for air purification, concentration and mental stability
Skin Therapy
Natural Cosmetics
crafting experience
Experience making cosmetics
herbal toners,
herbal emulsions and herbal essence
with natural ingredients that are gentle to skin
Mask pack
crafting experience
Experience making a mask pack
with skin-friendly ingredients
Herb soap
crafting experience
Use herbs to make good soap for your skin
crafting experience
Use herbs to make ointments good
for skin and muscle pain
Food Therapy
Simple Herb Gochujang
Making Experience
Making red pepper paste that is healthy and
shortens fermentation time by using herbs and
agricultural products produced in the village
Simple Herb Makjang
Making Experience
Making healthy and convenient makjang using
herbal medicines and local agricultural products
Herb Liquor
Making Experience
Experience creating healthy herb
fermented liquor using herbs
Herb Tea
Making Experience
Making Ssanghwacha that is good in the change of
seasons with good quality domestic medicine
Herbal Medicine
Making Experience
Using herbs to make healthy medicine for health
Making Seunggumcho
(Dang Quai leaves)
Injeolmi Rice Cake
Make Seunggumcho(Dang Quai leaves)
Injeolmi Rice Cake by kneading glutinous rice
with Seunggumcho and
coating it with bean flour
Herb Rice Cake
Making Experience
Making steamed rice cake soft like cake
on a small steam box using Seunggumcho,
dates, chestnuts, and rice wine
Herb Chocolate
Making Experience
Experience herb chocolate with toppings
combination of

cornelian cherry,
dried orange peels and almonds
Sleep Therapy
Herb Pillow
Crafting Experience
Making pillows with herbs and herb scented bags
for a good night's sleep
Color therapy
Natural Dyeing
Experience dyeing with own designs by variegation
and scattering on t-shirts, bags, or handkerchiefs