Facilities Guide

Slow City where people live a slower
but much happier life

‘Protect the natural environment and the traditional culture and live in seek of relaxation and slowness‘
Yakcho Life is where the Slow City is realized. By manufacturing nature friendly and eco-friendly products using
the clean natural resources of Jecheon, we pursue the flow ”from nature to nature.”

Direct Sales Office
Head Office
Provide services to the customers with unified non-stop from product planning for Sanya-cho Village's agricultural products and processed products, R&D, production, processing to sales. We are doing our best as direct management shop of the headquarters.
Head Office Direct Management Store (Cosmetics & Natural Dyeing Products)
Experience & Accommodation
Experience & Accommodation
“A place where you can take time off accompanying water and mountains,” a special experience offered in Susan, Jecheon.
Operates natural cosmetics crafting experience and other useful programs

Experience Center
Ondol Farm stay accommodation in red clay traditional house, Cheon-gung, and other buildings
(Accommodates 70 people)
  • Sanya-cho Main Building Exterior
  • Bed and Breakfast Exterior (Top)
  • Bed and Breakfast Exterior (Below)
  • Sanya-cho
    Main Building
  • Kitchen
  • Room
  • Bathroom
  • House Building
Herbal Plant & Logistics
Herbal Plant & Logistics
Designated as a company to lead agricultural convergence industry
(Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
Chungbuk TP the 6th Industry Certified Business & Promotion Center Support
Medicinal Herbal Plantation
Medicinal Herbal Plantation
Running various herb growing facilities through city-rural community
exchange to fulfill the importance role of seed farm (seed) operation