Yakcho Life

Head office

Head office operates a herbal processing
plant and a direct burial site.
Also, 100 people can experience experience
and accommodation at the same time.
(Experiencing dyeing, making cosmetics, etc.)

Cosmetic Research Institute

Chungbuk Techno Park Global Bio Center
Cosmetics Production Plant
OEM, ODM and product development
Mask pack, foundation cosmetics, etc.

Chungbuk Techno Park
Global Bio Center

Large extraction equipment
Automatic Extraction, Concentration,
Refining System
Medical GMP Certification
Self-quality test equipment

Smart Farm

By grafting ICT, smart farm control system
can control and interlock cooling, heating,
humidity, and illuminance.
Heating/air-conditioning facility with
a control system [TCMS] that automatically controls temperature and humidity.

Experience activities

Natural dyeing·ointment crafting experience
Herb sachet and natural cosmetics
crafting experience
Herbal soap crafting experience
Chocolate crafting experience