Yakcho Life
Jecheon, the hometown of “a Fresh Wind and a Bright Moon.“
Yakcho Life is pursuing the principle of “from nature to nature“
We learn the mysteries and mysteries of clean resources from nature and do our best to enlighten and open new possibilities.
Scientific research and development in consideration of natural environment for healing and health beauty required by modern people.
We grow into new high value-added industries.
Creating future values through the philosophy
of principle, trust, and eyes of truth.

Ethical management in the spirit of honesty and integrity.
A beautiful company sharing with the society
by the motto of Nature, Life and Health
Medicinal Herb Daily Health pursues the laws of nature,“Get from Nature and Return to Nature,” by producing nature-friendly and
eco-friendly products using natural ingredients including soil, trees and medicinal herbs made in the clean and clear nature of Jecheon.
Medicinal Herb Daily Health makes every endeavor to create new possibilities through learning and
realizing the truth, beauty, health, mystery and profundity of nature
CEO TaeKwon, Kim
CEO TaeKwon, Kim
Date of Establishment 2001.09.30
Type of business Manufacturing Wholesale and Retail Trade Product Brokerage
Address 815, Oksunbong-ro, Hacheon-ri, Susan-myeon, Jecheon-si,
Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Main Technology Herbal Cosmetics
Herbal Food Research and Development
Herbal Fermented Ingredients Development
Natural Dye Development
Smart Farm Cultivation Technology
Household Products Development