Product Intro
Over the past four months, over 600 sMEs participated in the Global Luxury Branding Products Project hosted by the Ministry of commerce, Industry and Energy, Lotte Group, and sponsored by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. We selected the final 10 products through the third round of selection evaluations. One-way nap-pillow was selected
Danzam Oriental Medicine silvergrass Pillow(Biochip / Wheat / Wheat)
  • Fabric: 100% cotton(yellow stain)
  • Filler: Biochip / Wheat / Wheat 70%, Herbal Pouch 30%
  • Pillow fabrics have been dyed with 100% cotton.
  • 100% cotton covered with loess dirt has no skin problems.
  • Antibacterial and anti-wrinkle functions.
  • Medicinal herb pillow is a product with functionality using itch chip (patent).
  • Natural herringbone cools the heat of the head and helps with sleep.functions.
  • Ten kinds of herbs such as amenorrhea, insomnia, mental anxiety, headache, herbal medicine which help to migraine, Angelica gigas, Angelica gigas, etc. were mixed according to the ratio.
Danzam Oriental scent bag
  • 100% domestic herbal medicine, car, indoor, toilet, dressing room, etc. If you put a lot of smell in the place to create a pleasant space to eliminate the odor is a natural fragrance to help calm the brain and prevent headaches.
Natural Dye Scarf
  • It is dyed by borrowing herbs or nature from silk and gives a comfortable color or aesthetic feeling.
  • Does not cause antibacterial, odor, skin problems or allergies.
Natural Dye Tie
  • It is made of 100% natural dyeing on both ends of silk (hanbok paper), so it has a natural pattern and excellent resilience.
  • Anything that can be colored in the natural environment becomes a material for dyeing, and it is dyed with mineral dyes using coloring with inorganic pigments.
Oriental Medicine toothpaste
Prevent tooth decay, prevent bad breath, prevent gingivitis, prevent periodontal disease, prevent periodontal diseases, prevent gum disease, remove plaque (anti-plaque).
  • 3 No: No Colorless / No Parabens / No Preservatives
  • 12 kinds of oriental herbs including silk (sericin), aloe vera, vitamin C, squalane and vegetable raw materials
Korean paper yarn
The characteristics of the natural dyeing fabric are antibacterial, highly digestible, and high far-infrared radiation, so you can feel good energy after using the fabric.
  • Hanji Co., Ltd. is produced by continuous process using raw material of cane.
  • It is useful for both weaving and weaving, while maintaining excellent characteristics of Korean paper.
  • As a lightweight material, it has good biodegradability (durability), durability.